AVB Avobenzone

Technical Data Sheet

AVB (Avobenzone)

Chemical name:



Chemical structure:

Chemical Formula: C20H22O3

CAS NO.: 70356-09-1

EINECS NO.: 274-581-6

Appearance: White to light yellow crystalline powder

Assay: 99.0% min.

Absorption Spectrum

E1/1 in Ethanol:

Application information:

AVB is oil soluble, effective UVA absorber. Adequate solubility in the formulation must be ensured in order to avoid recrystallization during storage. To maximize utilization and high performance, AVB should be properly photo-stabilized. Excellent material for stabilizations is OCT. Other additional options would be 3-(4-Methylbenzyliden) Camphor or BP-3; Use a chelating agent like EDTA.

Known incompatibilities:

Multivalent metal cations should be avoided as they may form discolo-rations (E.g. Fe) or crystals due to lower solubility of the complexes (e.g.Al and Mg). Al coated Titanium Dioxides may lead to crystals. The combination of AVB and Zinc Oxide can interact to form a complex which may precipitate out. AVB is incompatible with formaldehyde donators which are mainly used as preservatives.

Packaging: 20kg/Carton or 25kg/Carton

Regulatory status max concentration:

ASEAN 5%, China 5%, Europe 5%Japan 10%, South Africa 5%USA3%

Shelf Life: 3 years

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